Helping to Build the Ourmedia Learning Center and Open Media Directory

Ourmedia, the global home for grassroots media, has unveiled the Learning Center and Open Media Directory; both projects are designed to help people engage in the creation and distribution of digital content and participatory media.
Personal Media Learning Center
The Learning Center is an educational resource where people can share knowledge and learn about user-created media. Help and support is available in the form of articles, how-tos, technical guides and working media examples. 
Available sections include: 
  • Audio: Working with audio technologies, files and podcasting.
  • Video: Learning about video, videoblogging, filmmaking and documentaries.
  • Multimedia: Animation, digital story telling, games, graphics, oral histories and screencasting.
  • Images: Digital photography and artwork.
  • Text: Blogging, journalism and writing for the web. 
Material is presented in a range of formats and styles including audio, video, screencasts and text-based documents.
Deep Topics
An additional part of the project involves development of a topics section providing information on areas like law and copyright, remix culture, promotion, media distribution and other specialized subjects.
All contributions are published under a Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 2.5 License, which permits others to do the following in accordance with the terms of the license: 
  • Copy, distribute, display, and perform the work
  • Make derivative works
  • Make commercial use of the work 
There is also provision for specific works to be tagged with other licenses. 
How you can help 
Volunteers may contribute articles, tutorials, audio, podcasts, screencasts, videos and other media forms. If you would like to get involved in this project see the guidelines for participation. You can help spread the word by republishing works and informing others about the project. 
Open Media Directory
My first contribution to the Ourmedia project is the compilation and development of the Open Media Directory, a clearinghouse of legal, podsafe music and video sources. As directory editor I’m responsible for collecting and sharing sites that offer Public Domain works, Creative Commons licensed material, Copyleft works and other forms of licensed content.
The Open Media Directory provides a central resource for people to browse and locate sites that provide audio and video material safe to use in a range of projects such as podcasts and online videos. You can also use these sites to stay in touch with important news and developments in the Open Media community. Again, people are encouraged to republish and build upon the list of resources under the terms of license.
Suggestions for inclusion to the directory can be sent to daveholmesprojects (at) or shared in the comments area of this post.
My thanks to JD Lasica for providing the opportunity and inspiration to pull this together.

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