ActoGuitar Free Guitar Lessons Remix Community is an educational resource and community platform for guitarists. The site provides free guitar lessons with a program of structured learning for beginners and add-on lessons in niche topics. Community tools allow members to remix, socialize and interact making it easy to share work, ask questions, or give advice.
"We are a community with a purpose: to help people learn to play guitar, and to help experienced guitarists with professional ambitions reach their aspirations."
ActoGuitar is developing an open business model and emphasis is placed on building a commons by sharing content under a Creative Commons license. Members are encouraged to participate by contributing their own works and by developing existing lessons through the use of audio, video, text and graphical materials. The collaborative process is moderated by ActoGuitar editors to ensure quality content.
Added to my Squidoo lens for Guitar Tools – news, tips and resources for guitarists. 

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