Ohloh Directory and Intelligence for Open Source Projects

Recently launched Ohloh.net is indexing thousands of open source projects to help you determine the right type of software for your needs.
"We’re mapping the open source world by collecting objective information on open source software. Search our site for the most current software metrics and project information on open source software projects."
A range of features allow users to explore and evaluate open source software alternatives to costly proprietary software. From the press release (pdf):
  • Real Information: Ohloh collects hard project information from the project’s source code and the source control system used by the project’s development team.
  • Recent Information: Ohloh constantly indexes open source projects so that Ohloh users have the latest information available on the projects that they view.
  • Comparative Summary: Ohloh provides a quick summary of how a project’s metrics compare with other open source projects.
  • Powerful Search: Ohloh makes search easier, allowing users to search categories and projects quickly and reliably.
  • Automated Data Collection: All of Ohloh’s information is collected automatically. If a user suggests a new project, Ohloh can quickly get that project on the system.
You can search Ohloh’s ‘relational’ database by project name or keyword and the tagging system makes it very easy to discover and compare related software projects. In terms of soundware there’s already much to find in the way of audio, music and multimedia applications. 
Search for a keyword such as "MIDI" and the system displays results ordered into structured groups for Largest Codebases, Most Active Developers, Most Active Codebases, Oldest Codebases and a new set of tags for related projects. Viewing an individual project reveals a detailed profile and metrics report with information and charts showing the projects history, development, licenses, facts and statistics.
Ohloh is extremely useful for exploring, comparing, evaluating and gathering facts about open source projects and provides a valuable intelligence tool for the wider community. It’s a service I expect to use often when referring others to details about a particular project.
Software Related
Google Code – Project Hosting is a new service for the open source community that allows developers to upload projects which are then made available to others via the directory and search engine.
ProgrammableWeb for the latest Web 2.0 mashups and APIs.
SWiK the Open Source Software wiki a community driven resource for open source software. Projects and content can be found using the search engine and by browsing tags. The zeitgeist provides a good source of developer news and related links. All original text on SWiK is available under a CC Attribution-ShareAlike 2.5 license.
For more links to free audio/sound software resources see Free Sounds – Audio Samples, Freeware, Legal Music and Video or the Lists on this site.

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