Dabble Media Search Community

Dabble is a new media search engine and community that makes it easy to find and organize media files from thousands of sources on the Web. You can also search more than 240 popular video hosting sites including blip.tv, ClipShack, Dailymotion, Internet Archive, Google Video, Ourmedia, Revver and YouTube.
Free registration allows you to to collect media, make subcollections or playlists, tag media or request information on something you’re trying to find.
For a detailed overview of Dabble I recommend reading the informative press release posted on the Dabble Blog by founder and CEO, Mary Hodder – Flickr Photos.
Video Search Tools and Tips
Exploring Google Video
Jimmy Ruska shares tips, tricks and applications  for Google’s hidden video categories.
An alternative interface for searching videos hosted on YouTube. There’s also a YouTube Downloader.
VDownloader allows you to download videos from Youtube, Google video and Grinvi to your computer, saving them in AVI or MPG format.

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