NO COPY – The Movie and Movies with Free Culture Themes

NO COPY – The Movie is a short animated film depicting the history of digital piracy and the rise of Free Culture. Beginning with the first hackers and crackers leading to the development of "the Scene", through to file sharing, the entertainment wars and mass downloads, the movie tells the story of how industry mistakes created the need for a free culture movement. The producers were inspired by: Epic 2015 & Epic 2014.
You can stream the movie via the site, download it for free in SWF-Format or as self playing files for Windows or Mac. The original voice-over is in German with an English subtitled version available. 
Produced by: Jan Krömer / Evrim Sen in corporation with Tropen Verlag.
Idea & Screenplay: Jan Krömer and Evrim Sen.
Narration: Denis Moschitto.
Animation: Infospeed GmbH
Music: Jane His Wife, _Ghost, Gurdonark; from You can download the music and find more tracks from these artists on the Sountrack page. All songs are licenced under a Creative Commons Licence.
Licensing: "NO COPY – The Movie" is released under a Creative Commons Lizenz by-nc-sa 2.0.
Movies with Free Culture Themes
Alternative Freedom a documentary about the invisible war on culture, exploring the issues surrounding copyright law and digital rights management from the viewpoint of the free culture movement. Trailer available for viewing.
Day of the Long Tail a short movie In celebration of the publication of Chris Anderson’s book, "The Long Tail," The old world of media faces an invasion from another planet. The horror. The horror. Produced By Michael Markman, Peter Hirshberg (Technorati), Bob Kalsey; for The Computer History Museum (via YouTube).
Creative Commons Movies promotional Flash movies and videos.
Gimme the Mermaid is Negativland’s tribute to Disney regarding intellectual property, lawyers and copyright issues (via YouTube).
Net Neutrality an animated short from Public Knowledge explaining why discrimination on the Internet is a problem and will continue to be as long as net neutrality rules are not enforced (via YouTube). Released under a CC license. See also
The Corruptibles an animated short from the EFF about Hollywood’s attempt to gain new powers over your TV, radio, and computer. Released under a CC license. See it on Youtube.
Trusted Computing an animated short about the computer industry and trust – If the industry doesn’t trust you why should you trust them? Released under a CC license. See it on YouTube. Learn more at Wikipedia Trusted Computing.
Satirical Video Clips
Stephen Colbert Analyzes Wikipedia in his popular The Word segment, Colbert analyzes Wikipedia’s Truthiness value and the application of Wikiality on ALL information (via YouTube). Here’s the Wikipedia entry for satire.
The Daily Show Revisits Net Neutrality discussing super tubes, Chuck Norris, entertainment corporations and telecommunications (via YouTube).
Where to Find Free Movies on Free Culture
Video Compilation on Free Digital Culture is now building a handpicked collection of videos.
Search for "Free Culture" on the Internet Archive finds hosted movies related to the keywords "free Culture" . 
Reference Materials

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