Cruxy Digital Content Marketplace

Cruxy the new digital content marketplace from ONTV is now open to the public. Anyone with original digital content can register for free and distribute their work using the pay-per-download model. Cruxy aims to provide a platform where artists, fans and promoters can come together, interact and make financial transactions, built on community trust and without DRM restrictions. 

An Open Economy for Digital Content
Cruxy is all about creating an Open Economy for artists and experts. It is a service that allows anyone to distribute and sell their content simply, without overhead, and without giving up any rights.

Artist Pages and Widgets

Every Cruxy Artist Page is a digital download store with Distributed Marketplace widgets that can be embedded on websites. Original content can be sold through the Artist’s Page or through any website or blog using the widgets. Artists choose the retail price they wish to charge and select standard copyright or Creative Commons licensing terms for their materials. Secure payments are handled by PayPal, see the Publisher FAQ for details of service/transaction fees charged by Cruxy and PayPal. Artists maintain complete rights and ownership over their original works.

Features include:

  • Open registration to all digital artists and fans
  • Artist’s Page and store with its own address (, RSS feed, media previews
  • Artist’s Page may be customized with a logo, description, links, etc.
  • File storage and delivery using Amazon S3
  • Non-DRM content throughout
  • Provision for standard copyright or Creative Commons licenses
  • Financial transactions handled via PayPal Website Payments Pro
  • Street Team (launch pending) allows fans and supporters to promote artists and earn money for themselves

Easy to use

Cruxy makes it extremely easy for content creators to upload and sell media. The clean design and simple navigation are a big plus on the usability side. Most people will have no trouble setting up a store within minutes of registering, which means more time can be spent creatively on the business to hand.

Copyrights and Copylefts

Content creators can choose to distribute their works under standard copyright licenses (all rights restricted) and Creative Commons licenses (some rights restricted). The latter are designed to be more flexible when it comes to sharing files online such as in podcasts and on P2P file sharing networks. There are so many possibilities for the monetization of CC licensed content that I would expect to see rapid growth for these materials on Cruxy. For example, there already exists a huge amount of suitable material of high quality, that could be distributed through this platform, including netlabel catalogs, short movies, audio books and tours, podcasts, digital stories, photos, etc.  Artists making their material available under CC licenses can learn more on the following blog post: Selling Creative Commons Stuff on Cruxy? 

Street Teams

This is a key marketing and revenue generating component designed to motivate and drive the widgetized distribution model. Allowing ‘fans’ in on the revenue sharing is a good viral move although there’s going to be plenty of experimentation for all concerned to find a balance in terms of download pricing.

The crux of the matter 

All of the above features make Cruxy a powerful, flexible and open digital distribution platform. This openness is reflected in the website Buyers Guide which states:

"Some artists may have full previews available elsewhere on their blog page, website, or through a content sharing site like or Youtube, so it’s worth looking around if you want to learn more before buying."

The Cruxy team recognize the benefits of other media sharing resources, hence the widgets. Beyond free digital downloads, there are ways of adding value to content that give people the incentive to buy. The browsing experience itself, quality packages, convenience, community buzz, choice of format, DRM-free, are all things people are attracted to.

Cruxy distributes a comprehensive list of supported media types including various formats for audio, video, images, animation, design, multimedia and text documents. Potentially, all types of non-DRM content can be purchased, from ringtones to Flash animations to text documents to podcasts, all from one central community-style location. By combining choice with convenience, Web 2.0 style and looks, flexible licensing, revenue sharing, fast downloads, fair prices and secure transactions – Cruxy  represents an exciting development for content creators and is sure to generate a lot of interest.

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One response to “Cruxy Digital Content Marketplace

  1. I never got a chance to thank you for such a comprehensive review of Cruxy. I’m one of the founders, and I really appreciate this type of analysis, whether its positive or negative. Most blog posts just have some quick quip about "here’s some new site I found", but you go much further. It is also great that you took the time to deep link into the various resources we have available on the site.Since we’ve launched, we’ve tripled the number of artists and have made our first round of payments, albeit small ones, out to them. We’ve also gone through a round of redesign tweaks, with more coming, to make the purchase and discovery experience much more friendly.Keep up the great blogging here at ye olde sound space.+Nathan

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