Indie Tube – A Mashup of YouTube and

Indie Tube is a collection of indie rock videos from YouTube with corresponding links into music. The mashup lets you watch, download, vote and submit videos. If you discover a band you like, clicking the link will provide you with more information and ways to buy the music. The idea is to target and promote indie bands through the use of two large scale, mass media distribution networks. There’s also a newer version that lacks some of the original features (pictured below).

Via ProgrammableWeb which now has more than 30 YouTube mashups and over 100 total web mashups cataloged.


Create Your Own Video Community

Ning Video is a newly launched service that clones YouTube’s core features, allowing you to create your own social web-application for hosting videos. Your free site comes with support for a range of community features including: content management, community rating, groups, site customization, tagging, video moderating and Web-widgets. Members can upload videos or share videos from YouTube, Google Video and Metacafe.


Video Download Tools

Download YouTube & Google Video clips via bookmarklets – This all-in-one bookmarklet supports YouTube, Google Video, Metacafe, Myspace,, Putfile, Dailymotion, Sevenload, and

How to convert any movie file to .mp4 – How to use the free VLC Media Player to convert video formats.

iTube – A Windows program that will enable you to transfer any YouTube video onto your iPod video.

Video Downloader – An online tool that allows you to download direct from most video sites. You can also record streaming video, convert FLV files to iPod and other formats, download a Firefox extension, download a free FLV player (Flash movies).

More Web tools for downloading videos


Other New Video Services

CleverMedia TV – A video podcast television network with a selection of entertaining and informative shows.

Tubetorial – Free, step-by-step video tutorials for online success. 

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One response to “Indie Tube – A Mashup of YouTube and

  1. Everybody’s complaining about the Mobos poor representation but how can we complain when we dont even support our own upcoming homegrown talent, I was selling Cd’s in Camden about a year ago and people would ignore me as though im peddling crack! Even Dizzy didnt turn up to get his award! what a @$?*ing cheek he hasnt made a big tune since boy in the corner album (funny how he can turn up to the white mans mercury awards and where they give you money, so glad he didnt get sh*t !, @$?k dat yout) i was pissed when i saw he didnt turn up when dudes like Kano and Tinchy are on tha grind, i think he thinks he’s some superstar or somethin with that WACK tune ‘ old skool’, drifting off the point, anyway we need to start supporting our own, people wouldnt even stop to listen to my music unless 50cent was on it and all the while im thinking what the hell can you relate to with 50 apart from the fact he’s black and ‘Was’ a hustler, we need to stop %$@*ing bitchin about the mobos and look at ourselves cos at the end of the day who can ignore an artist with the UK 100% behind his back, actually thats given me an idea for a track! look out for ‘UK Behind Me!’ Peace

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