Podcast Spot Hosting Service

Podcast Spot is a new podcast hosting service launched by Paramagnus Developments. The service offers a flexible, feature rich package for uploading and distributing audio and video files, including a free account to test Podcast Spot and prepaid accounts for Storage or Professional levels. Free and Professional accounts include all features, while Storage accounts are for podcasters running their own websites.

Features include:

    • Location = yourname.podcastspot.com
    • Flexible Storage Space that can be upgraded at any time.
    • Unmetered Bandwidth.
    • Automatic Media Conversion after upload.
    • Audio formats supported include: AAC/M4A, MP3, OGG, RA, WMA.
    • Video formats supported include: AVI, MOV, M4V/MP4, MPG, RM/RV, WMV.
    • Easy Organization that allows tags, categories and images.
    • Automatic P2P with BitTorrents for any format.
    • Powerful Syndication for your episodes (your default feed), categories, tags, comments, episodes for each category, episodes for each tag, comments for each episode.
    • Support for iTunes.
    • Implementation of Creative Commons license types.
    • Private Episodes.
    • Simple Payment Options using PayPal.

Podcast Spot visitors have a wide range of options for exploring, playing, downloading, sharing and subscribing to content, including:

    • Streaming audio and video.
    • Choice of download formats, including BitTorrents.
    • Easy sharing on popular social bookmarking sites.
    • Playlists, XSPF and M3U.
    • RSS feeds.
    • OPML outlines (a list of all podcasters using the service). Grazr View.
    • Community Search Engine. 

Users can browse community content by what’s new today, new podcasts, new episodes or popular tags. There’s also an option for exploring shows published under Creative Commons licenses. There are further browsing options at the individual podcaster level to help visitors filter content by categories, popularity, audio or video.

Pricing Options:

    • A Free Account provides 25MB of storage per month.
    • A Storage Account costs: $5 for 100 MB storage per month; $10 for 300 MB; $20 for 650 MB; $40 for 1400 MB.
    • A Professional Account costs: $7 for 125 MB storage per month; $14 for 350 MB; $28 for 750 MB; $56 for 1600 MB.
    • Reserve Upload Quota costs: $5 for 100 MB additional storage with no time limits; $10 for 200 MB; $20 for 400 MB; $30 for 600 MB.

Professional and Storage accounts are prepaid products. You can purchase 1 month, 3 months, 6 months, or 1 year at a time and you can upgrade or extend whenever you need to.

See it in action with this welcome message from the creators explaining the service and get the latest info via the Paramagnus Blog

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