Media-Convert Free Online File Conversion and MIDI Ringtone Sequencer

Media-Convert is a free online application for converting media files between various formats. Simply select input/output formats and submit the form to start the conversion. The input format can be detected automatically and file sizes up to 50 Mb are allowed. You can also enter the address of any website to automatically create a screenshot. There’s a WAP / GPRS uploader for transferring files directly to mobile phones via a generated URL that looks like (code=abcdef).
As an example, when converting a WAV file to MP3, you have a choice of conversion options including encoding bitrate, method and basic info to guide you. Once the conversion is successful you will get a download URL – which you can use for 6 days with the ability to send the link to a friend, plus the mobile URL – code=abcdef to download via WAP / GPRS. 
Types of formats supported include:
  • Documents, text
  • Archives/Zip
  • Movie
  • Image
  • Sound
  • Music, monophonic & polyphonic ringtones
  • Media-Convert has a Free on-line MIDI sequencer that lets you create and share your own tunes and ringtones. Once you’ve created a MIDI file you can use the conversion utility to convert it to most mobile phone formats. If you prefer to grab a tune from an existing music collection try Harmony Central MIDI File Sources. I’ve included the sequencer in my Sound Toys collection.

    This is a useful tool for situations where you need a universal file converter but are unable to use installed software. Most popular formats are available and the service provides a temporary method for sharing files with many people via the URL. Suggestions for other conversion functions can be made on the site’s message board.

    More media tools in the Toolbox

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