Pump Audio Helps Indie Musicians Pump Up the Volume

Pump Audio is a music licensing agent that connects independent musicians and labels with buyers in the mainstream media. This is a new kind of digital marketplace that makes it easier for artists to make their music available to a wide range of media production outlets including television, radio, Internet, and film. Possible uses include: commercials, jingles, industry presentations, movie soundtracks, promotions, TV background music, video games, websites and any type of production that needs audio enhancement. The numerous avenues for sales means new music in every genre is required to maintain a catalog suitable for all purposes.

The 50/50 Deal

The Pump agreement pre-clears the music for potential licensing, full ownership of the music remains with the musician and the agreement is completely non-exclusive. This means musicians retain control over their original recording and publishing copyrights. A minimum 1 year commitment is expected. Musicians receive 50% of the license fees received by Pump Audio and also performance royalties where appropriate. Pump acts as the Administration Agent for royalties collected through a performing rights society such as ASCAP, BMI or SESAC (see the FAQ for more details).

Music Submission  

All music must be submitted on a broadcast quality, 16bit, 44.1khz CD. No fees are required for submission. An A&R department auditions each song prior to acceptance in the catalog. Each CD sent is treated separately and requires a separate contract.

Pump Technology

 Pump Audio have developed a portable music delivery service known as the PumpBox. There are webware and hardware versions of the PumpBox that provide comprehensive search capabilities for finding music in the catalog. Thousands of creative producers can search by genre, mood, instrument and tempo for music that is instantly available for use. Local desktop installations are placed with industry clients such as MTV, VH1, Comedy Central, the History Channel and some of the top ad agencies worldwide. Only the best Pump Audio artists are selected for the PumpBox although the larger catalog is still accessible to clients in other ways. Music that makes it into the PumpBox has the greatest chance of being seen and used.


Pump Audio and Creative Commons Partner on Commercial Licensing for Independent Artists – PR Newswire

Excerpts from the above press release:

"Pump Audio is offering a variety of Creative Commons copyright licenses to its independent musicians who want to allow various forms of non-commercial use of their music."

"As part of the partnership, Pump Audio has introduced an online badge for artists, allowing them to designate on any Web page, artist blog or MySpace profile that their music is available for commercial licensing through Pump Audio. Artists can pair their new Pump Audio badges with similar badges for their Creative Commons copyright licenses, enabling them to promote both their commercial and non-commercial licensing preferences. (Examples can be found at http://www.lovetheory.com/listenbuy.html and http://www.myspace.com/garynewvision )"

"Creative Commons copyright licenses allow authors and artists to mark their works as free to copy or transform under certain conditions — to declare "some rights reserved," in contrast to the traditional "all rights reserved" — thereby enabling others to access a growing pool of raw materials without legal friction. As musicians select a Creative Commons copyright license from the Creative Commons Web site, they also will be prompted to join Pump Audio for commercial licensing of their music."

This is part of the Creative Commons initiative to find and present ways that CC licensing models can be applied to commercial ventures.

Via The Digital Music Weblog



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