Cityscapes by Fetal Pulse

Fetal Pulse is the name of an experimental electronic music project by Canadian musician Pedro Costa. ‘Aurora’ was the first video for Fetal Pulse’s debut album Cityscapes, a 10 track album released on the 8th March 2011.

Cityscapes is an instrumental album with a lot of charm and character. Mainly down-tempo, part ambient, mostly melodic, the tracks sit perfectly side by side to create a beautifully balanced whole. Pedro puts his musicality to good use conjuring up themes and dynamic changes that always flow and sustain interest. The sounds are colourful and the cleverly designed musical arrangements offer the right sonic combinations at the right times. This is an album that always feels comfortable and welcoming, like an old friend whose company you appreciate, time and again.

Film by: Richard-François Léonard, Stéphane Drouot and Zakaria Mofril, licensed under Creative Commons.

Photography by: Craig Cloutier,  licensed under Creative Commons.

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