The Blog

Back in time…

The original ‘Soundblog’ was started in 2006 and hosted at MSN Spaces, right at the launch of the then new Microsoft social network. The name for the space was ‘Dave’s Imaginary Sound Space’, tagline ‘a virtual playground for audio and music enthusiasts’.

During the lifespan of DISS the design of the space was always based on a three column layout with link-lists for audio, video and music resources running down both sides with the ‘Soundblog’ down the middle. Essentially, in order to maximise the platform’s technology and features, DISS was a blog and media portal, designed to connect users with copyleft music tools, open media distribution platforms, inspiring new startups, thought-leaders and musicians. DISS was twice listed and featured on Microsoft’s Best of Windows Live Spaces website.

The blog was well received and supported by members of the Copyleft/Open Media community most notably Creative Commons, ccMixter, and Ourmedia.

Over time, Windows Live Spaces failed to innovate and provide the support needed to keep the platform alive. Meanwhile regular blog posts slowed and eventually stopped with DISS remaining online solely as an archive and point of reference. The Live Spaces project eventually came to an end and the Soundblog, minus the link-lists, was migrated to the WordPress platform in the fall of 2010, where it remains.

Some working snapshots of the original site (including the link-lists) are available via the Wayback Machine – http://soundblog.spaces.live.com/

Moving ahead…

By 2011 web platforms and social media generally had evolved to new complexities. WordPress in particular had become a widely supported and easy to use platform. Thoughts on how best to rekindle DISS began to emerge and the first steps towards a new format for the blog were taken, adopting the same philosophy of utilizing Free and Open Source Software, DISS had become known for.

Now, in this WordPress phase, the Imaginary Sound Space blog will continue to focus on new music and web applications that are both alluring and have some beneficial use. This will include Open licensed media and fresh code creations from developers.

The Curator and Creator

David Holmes is a Blogger and Digital Curator focusing on Internet MusicOpen Content and Social Media

A former freelance audio engineer and recording studio owner, with independent music management and publishing partnerships in the UK music industry.

Dave is a strong advocate of Free Culture and Open Music initiatives, passionate about using Internet technologies to empower artists and music fans.

He is a curator of various Open Media projects including the Open Media DirectorySocial Music Listening and Open Music Search – a Google custom search engine indexing thousands of copyleft music resources. Use it to find reusable media, collaborative projects and free music tools.

For more info and media projects see DavidHolmes.net

Dave on Google+  gplus.to/DavidHolmes


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