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xkcd is a webcomic created by former NASA roboticist Randall Munroe. His drawings are published under a Creative Commons license and you need no permission to reuse them for non-commercial purposes, just provide attribution to New comics are published on the site at midnight every Monday, Wednesday and Friday. Here are some samples from the collection archives, click on the images to visit the source.


Digital Rights Management


"If you think the purveyors of DRM simply want to protect artists, check out chapters 13 and 14 in Free Culture, by Lawrence Lessig. Their goal is the elimination of all culture they don’t control." 


Content Protection 

"How Big Media Uses Technology and the Law to Lock Down Culture and Control Creativity" Lessig.


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"I’m waiting for the day when, if you tell someone ‘I’m from the internet’, instead of laughing they just ask ‘oh, what part?" 

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MOMI Exhibition – The Guitar Is Art: Rhythms of Art & Design In The 20th Century

The latest addition to The Museum of Musical Instruments is an exhibition called The Guitar Is Art: Rhythms of Art & Design In The 20th Century. The website presents a juxtaposition of historical timelines, traditional art works, inventions and photo galleries that explore the relationship between traditional visual art and the guitar.
If you’re interested in the development of the guitar and its role as "a transcendental medium through which musical styles flourished", this and other MOMI guitar exhibitions/collections are well worth a visit.
Produced in collaboration with The Museum Of Modern Art, New York.

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Live 8 Photos with Creative Commons Licenses

Flickr the online photo management and sharing application is hosting a large collection of photos from the 10 Live 8 concerts around the world.
Many photos of the events are being published using Creative Commons licenses. You can browse the pictures by license type below: 

Creative Archive Licence Group launches

An online initiative by British broadcasters to fuel the creative re-use of archived footage and sound launched today. The BBC, Channel 4, the British Film Institute (BFI) and the Open University have joined together to create the Creative Archive Licence.

The Creative Archive is a BBC led initiative to provide access to public service audio and video archives in a way that allows the British public to find, share, watch, listen and re-use the archive as a fuel for their own creative endeavours. In other words, you can rip, mix and share the BBC. 

The 18 month pilot will test the concept of the Creative Archive with free content gradually introduced during the summer. Peer to peer (P2P) file sharing technology will deliver a sustainable method of distribution for large media files.

A technology called GEOIP filtering will ensure the BBC content will only be available to UK citizens.

News from the RSS feed:

During the pilot, the BBC plans to make 100 hours of BBC content available to rip, mix and share under the Creative Archive Licence. The BBC will be doing this by running a series of campaigns on, each of which will give you the opportunity to download, view, edit and share some of programming output.

The British Film Institute will offer selected footage in a number of categories, including silent comedy, early literary adaptations, newsreel footage and archive footage of British cities in the early 20th century.

The Open University will release clips of natural features, such as aerial views of the Franz Josef glacier, and will continue to select new material during the life of the pilot.

Throughout 2005, Channel 4 will continue to help the UK’s untapped creative talent to get noticed.

Plans include:

4Docs, a brand new resource launching this spring for aspiring documentary film-makers that will include copyright-cleared stock footage for users to incorporate into their films.

The Creative Archive Licence is inspired by the Creative Commons, a US system which offers a flexible range of protections and freedoms for authors and artists.

For further details see the press release and this Guardian article Creative Licence.

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Robert Anton Wilson Lights The Lamp


Robert Anton Wilson, was born January 18, 1932 in Brooklyn, New York. Amongst other things he is a satirical author, conspiricist, Libertarian, guerilla ontologist, futurist and stand up comedian.

A former associate editor of Playboy magazine from 1966-1971, he is best known for his many books including underground classic The Illuminatus! Trilogy (1975), co-written with Robert Shea, and winner of the 1986 Prometheus Hall of Fame Award.

New Scientist called his Schroedinger’s Cat trilogy (1979), "the most scientific of all science-fiction novels".

His recent "social activist passion" is legalizing medical marijuana of which he is a patient. Although in poor health, suffering from post-polio syndrome, he remains active and has a new site up called The Official Lamp Site. LAMP stands for League of Armed Marijuana Patients.

You can learn more about him at the The Bob And Arlen Show and DeepLeaf Productions. Alternatively read on for a hit of hyper-Magick.

Media Resources

Media Underground is running links to a series of audio interviews with Robert Anton Wilson. During the recordings he talks about his childhood roots, influences, literary works and ideas.

RINF has the R.A.W: Robert Anton Wilson, FNORD & Discrodian Portal which is an extensive collection of links to media files, texts and all things R.A.W.

Maybe Logic is a feature-length documentary about the universe of Robert Anton Wilson featuring video of Bob spanning over 25 years & interludes w/ RU Sirius, Paul Krassner, Tom Robbins, Rev. Ivan Stang & Douglas Rushkoff. The soundtrack includes music from Boards of Canada, Animals On Wheels, Tarentel, Funki Porcini, The Supplicants, Pullman, Matt Elliott, The Cinematic Orchestra, Ognen Spiroski and Amon Tobin.

Future Hi has audio downloads titled "Robert Anton Wilson – Consciousness, Drugs, Yoga And More". The site also has mp3 files of Albert Hoffmann, Houston Smith, Joseph Campbell, Marilyn Ferguson, Mark Pesce, Terence McKenna, music from LVX23 and Paul Hughes.

The 23 Enigma

For more information on this see the 23 enigma: captain clark welcomes you aboard!

Here’s an audio clip of Bob talking about the 23 Enigma.

R.A.W. records has an interesting collection of MP3 downloads including collaborative tracks from The Golden Horde’s first album The Chocolate-Biscuit Conspiracy, in 1984.

The Golden Horde founding member and guitarist Des O’Byrne scored the music for Wilson’s "Wilhelm Reich in Hell" play, which debuted in 1986 at the Edmund Burke Hall in Trinity College, Dublin. The Golden Horde disbanded in 1994.

There’s also Secrets of Power (9.3mb) 1986. A record of RAW’s stand-up comedy act recorded at Chelsea Town Hall, London on 24th Jan 1986. Some techno tracks, interviews and stuff from Timothy Leary plus rare recordings of the beast himself, Aleister Crowley. The links page has a good selection of websites and resources.

Issues and further exploration

Online Collection Of Children’s Electronic Keyboards

Miniorgan.Com is an online collection of rare and vintage musical electronic toys. Eric from Germany has been collecting the sound toys since 2001. Most of them come from the 70s and 80s and because ‘toys’ tend to get broken and trashed many are rare.

Eric only collects electronic machines – not electric, not electromechanical and not mechanical. If you’re interested in parting with some of your treasured toy stash write to Eric because he likes to buy them.

Via we make money not art

You can see one like mine, a Stylophone 350s, in the picture below. I bought it in the late 1970s for £50 in a London music shop, complete with bright orange carry case and user manual.

On the subject of Stylophones…  

Stylophonic uses a cool Stylophone interface as navigation for the website. You can even jam along to the funky music samples, well kind of.

Here are some tunes using the Stylophone 350s performed by the Los Angeles Stylophonic Orchestra.

For the virtual equivalent of sound toys take a look at some of these Interactive Sound Sites