DISS Migration from Windows Live Spaces to WordPress

This post marks the migration of “Dave’s Imaginary Sound Space” previously found at http://soundblog.spaces.live.com/ to it’s new WordPress home, here at https://imaginarysoundspace.wordpress.com/

All blog posts from the original Windows Live Space are now archived here, however the extensive link-lists are not supported by the automated migration process and are only accessible via the original link. Eventually all of DISS will vanish by March of 2011 when Microsoft will disable access to the Live Spaces blogging platform completely.

Original announcements regarding the new Live Spaces/Wordpress partnership and related details can be found via: The Windows Blog and WordPress Blog


Ourmedia Relaunches with Channels of Creativity

Ourmedia has relaunched with a minimalist look and new focus on media channels. There is now more emphasis on the social interaction around media and ways to draw attention to the good stuff. Here are some of the features available.

Channels @ channels.ourmedia.org

Channels are media streams categorized by subject or interest that include content such as music, podcasts and video. People can highlight media hosted anywhere on the Web and group media together into themes. Ourmedia members can now easily create their own social broadcast networks and post items to their channels using the special browser tools mentioned below. Each item is a bundled document of media data; on posting you simply enter the relevant details into the template fields and click submit. The fields include:

  • Media URL
  • Media Page URL (source)
  • Thumbnail URL
  • Screen Shot URL
  • Artist Name
  • Artist Homepage URL
  • Comments URL
  • License (option menu)
  • Player (type)

Here’s an example that took just a few minutes to create: Chill Channel

RSS Feeds

Available feeds are split across two domains with the new user-created channels residing at channels.ourmedia.org.


Has four main channels that are currently enabled for media streaming:

  • Audio
  • Images
  • Text
  • Video


    All user-created channels have RSS feeds although at the time of writing these were not media-enabled for streaming files via widgets. Hopefully this will change as the new features are rolled out.

  • You can also view related news feeds using the aggregated News Reader.

    Browser Tools

    Toolbar Buttons – Let you post and view channels from within your browser.

    Two bookmarklets can be dragged to your browser bookmarks toolbar:

    • Post to Ourmedia Channels – This button allows you to post your current page to your Ourmedia channels.
    • My Ourmedia Channels – This button allows you to quickly view your Ourmedia channels.

    These provide a useful way to populate your Channels with media just discovered or when revisiting favorite sites.

    Open Media Search

    Located at the top left-hand corner of all ourmedia.org pages is the new Google powered search engine. This makes it easy to search for ‘open’ media by source, media type and license. Searchable domains include:

    Creative Support

    The Learning Center provides help with key aspects of media creation and distribution through a series of how-to guides and tutorials. Everything is published under Creative Commons.

    The Open Media Directory is a list of free and legal media hubs, highlighting cool sources of audio, music and video that’s safe to share or remix. The list may be republished under the CC license terms, an example being the recent Creative Commons UK Mix and Mash Film Competition which used it to provide support for Video Resources.

    Putting Ourmedia to Work

    Along with the social functionality of Ourmedia, the features I’ve outlined above make it easy for people to create and share legal media in an open environment.

    The Search Engine and Open Media Directory both help you locate free and legal media which in turn can be posted directly to your Channels using the browser buttons. Overall a clean and tidy package without all the clutter and commercialization of other media sharing destinations.

    Related DISS Media

    Free Sounds – Legal Audio Samples, Loops, Software, Music and Video Downloads.

    OpenSonics – Open Music Community News and Copyleft Media Resources.

    Open Music Search – A Google Custom Search Engine for exploring the Open Music Ecosystem. Grab the widget and spread free music!

  • Cruxy Digital Content Marketplace

    Cruxy the new digital content marketplace from ONTV is now open to the public. Anyone with original digital content can register for free and distribute their work using the pay-per-download model. Cruxy aims to provide a platform where artists, fans and promoters can come together, interact and make financial transactions, built on community trust and without DRM restrictions. 

    An Open Economy for Digital Content
    Cruxy is all about creating an Open Economy for artists and experts. It is a service that allows anyone to distribute and sell their content simply, without overhead, and without giving up any rights.

    Artist Pages and Widgets

    Every Cruxy Artist Page is a digital download store with Distributed Marketplace widgets that can be embedded on websites. Original content can be sold through the Artist’s Page or through any website or blog using the widgets. Artists choose the retail price they wish to charge and select standard copyright or Creative Commons licensing terms for their materials. Secure payments are handled by PayPal, see the Publisher FAQ for details of service/transaction fees charged by Cruxy and PayPal. Artists maintain complete rights and ownership over their original works.

    Features include:

    • Open registration to all digital artists and fans
    • Artist’s Page and store with its own address (https://mystore.cruxy.com), RSS feed, media previews
    • Artist’s Page may be customized with a logo, description, links, etc.
    • File storage and delivery using Amazon S3
    • Non-DRM content throughout
    • Provision for standard copyright or Creative Commons licenses
    • Financial transactions handled via PayPal Website Payments Pro
    • Street Team (launch pending) allows fans and supporters to promote artists and earn money for themselves

    Easy to use

    Cruxy makes it extremely easy for content creators to upload and sell media. The clean design and simple navigation are a big plus on the usability side. Most people will have no trouble setting up a store within minutes of registering, which means more time can be spent creatively on the business to hand.

    Copyrights and Copylefts

    Content creators can choose to distribute their works under standard copyright licenses (all rights restricted) and Creative Commons licenses (some rights restricted). The latter are designed to be more flexible when it comes to sharing files online such as in podcasts and on P2P file sharing networks. There are so many possibilities for the monetization of CC licensed content that I would expect to see rapid growth for these materials on Cruxy. For example, there already exists a huge amount of suitable material of high quality, that could be distributed through this platform, including netlabel catalogs, short movies, audio books and tours, podcasts, digital stories, photos, etc.  Artists making their material available under CC licenses can learn more on the following blog post: Selling Creative Commons Stuff on Cruxy? 

    Street Teams

    This is a key marketing and revenue generating component designed to motivate and drive the widgetized distribution model. Allowing ‘fans’ in on the revenue sharing is a good viral move although there’s going to be plenty of experimentation for all concerned to find a balance in terms of download pricing.

    The crux of the matter 

    All of the above features make Cruxy a powerful, flexible and open digital distribution platform. This openness is reflected in the website Buyers Guide which states:

    "Some artists may have full previews available elsewhere on their blog page, website, or through a content sharing site like Blip.tv or Youtube, so it’s worth looking around if you want to learn more before buying."

    The Cruxy team recognize the benefits of other media sharing resources, hence the widgets. Beyond free digital downloads, there are ways of adding value to content that give people the incentive to buy. The browsing experience itself, quality packages, convenience, community buzz, choice of format, DRM-free, are all things people are attracted to.

    Cruxy distributes a comprehensive list of supported media types including various formats for audio, video, images, animation, design, multimedia and text documents. Potentially, all types of non-DRM content can be purchased, from ringtones to Flash animations to text documents to podcasts, all from one central community-style location. By combining choice with convenience, Web 2.0 style and looks, flexible licensing, revenue sharing, fast downloads, fair prices and secure transactions – Cruxy  represents an exciting development for content creators and is sure to generate a lot of interest.

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    Ourmedia.org Free Web Hosting and Tools for Media Files

    Ourmedia.org provides free web hosting and online tools for all your media files forever. Created by volunteers, Ourmedia is an open-source project positioning itself as The Global Home for Grassroots media. It is partnered with the Internet Archive which provides hosting and bandwidth for the files, Creative Commons and WikipediaDrupal has agreed to host the site for free through its Bryght hosted service.

    To use the service you must be willing to share your works with a global audience. Most types of media files and content are welcome, including but not limited to; audio, ebooks, films, games, original music, photographs, screencasts, software and video.


    The Grassroots Media Community

    The ourmedia hosting service fully integrates community features like blogging and forums. The community also functions to facilitate learning about a range of communication techniques and the craft of digital creativity.

    Free membership lets you:

    • Publish your works for a global audience to see or hear
    • Get a free weblog
    • Post comments to any media page or blog on the site
    • Participate in the Forums
    • Learn more about how to create personal media
    • Socialize with other creative individuals

    RSS Feeds

    The site design is well thought out and easy to navigate. For example selecting ‘browse media’ takes you to the site map. This is a simple list of topics with the RSS links alongside so you can get straight to the feed without having to click deeper. Here’s the main RSS feed from the home page.


    Update June 9th 2006 – Learning Center and Open Media Directory

    Ourmedia has announced the unveiling of the Personal Media Learning Center as well as the Open Media Directory. In a significant step forward for Ourmedia, these projects will "help people engage in the participatory media movement" by providing multimedia tutorials and a "clearing house for legal, podsafe music, audio and video clips". These are resources for the people by the people and the Learning Center is open to anyone wishing to contribute knowledge for the benefit of the wider community.


    Other Online Media Tools

    These online tools are useful if you need to redirect your hosted media files to another website.

    • myMediaList.com lets you add a section to your website to display a list of music, books, films, games and websites. You can format the style of the media list to fit the design of your own site. See an example image, or see a live demonstration. The service is free and once registered you simply add a piece of JavaScript code to your site to display the media list.
    • Feed2JS converts an RSS feed to JavaScript for displaying information in the feed like text, MP3 downloads and images.
    • GigaDial is a community for managing and sharing podcast feeds.
    • mefeedia is an aggregator for videobloggers to share their works.
    • Media Toolbox is a list of handy online tools for working with creative media tasks.
    • Webjay Wizard creates the correct code for embedding streaming media players in a website.
    Media Resources
    • BBC’s One Minute Movies hosts your 1 minute movie for others to see.
    • BBC Creative Archive plans to allow people to download clips of BBC factual programmes from bbc.co.uk for non-commercial use, keep them on their PCs, manipulate and share them, so making the BBC’s archives more accessible to licence fee payers…the initiative also has broader public service ambitions to pioneer a new approach to public access rights in the digital age
    • Common Content is an open catalog of Creative Commons licensed content.
    • Connexions is an environment for collaboratively developing, freely sharing, and rapidly publishing scholarly content on the Web. Our Content Commons contains educational materials for everyone — from children to college students to professionals — organized in small modules that are easily connected into larger courses. All content is free to use and reuse under the Creative Commons "attribution" license.
    • Free and affordable video hosting links compiled by Internet Video Magazine.
    • Independent Media Center Indymedia is a collective of independent media organizations and hundreds of journalists offering grassroots, non-corporate coverage. Indymedia is a democratic media outlet for the creation of radical, accurate, and passionate tellings of truth.
    • Union for the Public Domain (UPD) is a non-profit citizens group. Our mission is to protect and enhance the public domain in matters concerning intellectual property. We are a membership organization, acting as an independent voice on intellectual property issues.
    • A History of Communications 35,000 BC – 1998 AD shows a timeline for several important communications categories.
    • Media Search Engines is a selection of useful tools for finding different types of media files.

    See also Podcast Hosting Services for a selection of podcasting resources early to market.


    Podcast Hosting Services

    This is a short guide to online podcast hosting services and podcast management systems. It’s mainly a list of dedicated services that have got to the market early and new ones I add from time to time. Many more podcast services will no doubt emerge over the coming months; at the bottom of the page there’s a group of tags with links to help you find them.

    Although this page is updated periodically, hosting prices and features are subject to change so check each web service for current details. The list provides a combination of free and premium hosting services to enable a quick comparison of features. It also presents a partial view of the range and type of podcast hosting systems currently available.

    Many podcast services tend to emphasise iTunes compatibility as a marketing tool because it has a major market share. This may become less uniquely significant in the future as other major players like Amazon and Microsoft release competitive music download services and devices. Also the growth in open source, independent music distribution models, combined with p2p file sharing protocols like BitTorrent, will continue to have an influencial impact on the way audio and video content is distributed.

    Further Help

    If you’re looking for music to podcast, see Podsafe Music Resources for an overview of free, legal music downloads suitable for podcasting, along with a further selection of podcasting tools and services.

    I also maintain several Squidoo lenses designed to help podcasters:

    You can access all of my audio, music and web-tools lenses at http://www.squidoo.com/lensmasters/DavidHolmes

    Recommended books for help with podcasting and desktop audio publishing can be found on DISS homepage or on the Books List.

    List of Podcasting Hosts

    Blipmedia.org formally Rizzn’s Podcaster offers free podcast hosting forever with unlimited space, unlimited size, and unlimited bandwidth. When you sign up to BlipMedia, you get a free profile page with an address at ‘profiles.blipmedia.org/your username’. This allows people to find you and find your podcast. You can have your offsite blog, your blog feed, and your podcast feed displayed in the blipmedia directory for free. Update: Blipmedia now appears to be closed.

    BlogMatrix provides an easy-to-use web-based solution for audio and video podcasting. Hosting plans start at under $5/month with unlimited monthly bandwidth.

    Castpost will host your MP3s and automatically generate your feed. You just add the URL for your feed (ex: http://yourname.castpost.com/feed/feed.xml) to podcast directories, including Apple’s iTunes. Then users can browse, find, and subscribe to your personal radio show. Users who sign up during Castpost’s Alpha test period will receive a year of free basic service. Ads may be placed to cover costs. Alpha accounts will have unlimited bandwidth and 100MB of storage.

    Dircaster is a script that can be used on a server that supports PHP4 or greater. It generates an RSS feed suitable for podcast clients, based off the MP3 files in that directory. Drop the script into a directory, files can then be added to the directory to create podcasts. NOTICE: Appears to be unavailable but you can contact the developer if you’re interested (Feb 2006).

    GarageBand Podcast Studio offers a free hosting service for bands and musicians.

  • Record by phone or Upload audio files from your computer.
  • Mix your recordings with 100,000’s of podcast-ready tracks in the catalog.
  • Publish your mix.

    Hipcast is a weblog publishing service that lets you upload video, MP3 or WAV files for streaming (podcasting). The service plan starts at $4.95 per month or $49.97 per year. There’s unlimited storage space but bandwidth usage is subject to terms, currently 1,024 MB of streaming audio bandwidth per month, then billed at $1.95 per additional 1GB.

    ICanCast.com has three podcast hosting options.

    • $5/month – 100 mb space – 10 GB bandwidth/month
    • $10/month – 250 mb space – 25 GB bandwidth/month – blogging installed
    • $20/month – 500 mb space – 50 GB bandwidth/month – full website hosting

    Internet Archive provides free audio hosting for anyone wishing to share files under a Creative Commons license. Once uploaded you’ll need to link to the files from a web page. The web page should have a RSS feed that supports media enclosures. Otherwise a service like feedburner.com can be used to create a podcast enabled feed. Free blogging services like MSN Spaces or Blogger.com are popular for doing this. How to Podcast with Blogger and SmartCast.

    LibSyn – liberated syndication – are offering a podcast hosting service with unmetered bandwidth at the following rates:

    Level 1 – Podcast Basic – $5 Monthly.
    100mb of storage per month with unlimited bandwidth usage. This level of service is recommended for once-a-week podcasters.

    Level 2 – Podcast Standard – $10 Monthly.
    250mb of storage per month with unlimited bandwidth usage. This level of service is ideal for weekly distribution of high-quality audio, such as music distribution.

    Level 3 – Podcast Advanced – $20 Monthly.
    5250mb of storage per month with unlimited bandwidth usage. This level of service is for the several-times per week podcaster.

    Level 4 – Podcast Professional – $30 Monthly
    800mb of storage per month with unlimited bandwidth usage. This level of service is ideal for the daily podcaster.

    You can create categories so people can subscribe to a select subset of your podcasts for example music or talk. There’s a free login ‘sandbox’ feature that lets you test drive the service first. Read more about the features here.

    MediaBlog is a free, unlimited space/bandwidth podcast hosting and blogging service. A wide range of media file types can be uploaded each up to 99 MB in size. Multiple uploads can be handled simultaneously and changing the order in which episodes of your podcast appear is a simple matter of editing the Date property of that media item. Audio and video files are placed into your designated podcast folder and a podcast RSS feed is automatically generated. All podcasts have a splash page and the integrated blog system allows you provide a more full-featured experience for your subscribers (example). You can also publish videos, images or blog posts directly from a cell phone PDA or other Internet-capable devices.


      • Unlimited disk space
      • Unlimited bandwidth usage
      • Up to 99 MB individual file size
      • Automatic podcast RSS feed generation
      • Integrated blog and media gallery service
      • Social, tagging and community tools
      • Handheld and mobile publishing
      • Site customization features
      • Free!

    MoveDigital (formerly Prodigem) allows you to publish your audio and video files as direct downloads, as a mobile phone stream or via BitTorrent. The service features a web widget that makes it easy to reblog your MoveDigital links. Included with the web widget, via its ‘Share’ button, is a notion called ‘social bandwidth sharing’ which allows other users to directly add bandwidth into your account from wherever you may have placed your widget. For direct downloads, bandwidth is only deducted from your account for completely delivered files. You don’t get penalized if someone stops downloading half way through. As well, your bandwidth always rolls over to your next membership period, so it’s always there for you.

    Membership Levels:

    FreeTrial 30 days – One gigabyte (1 GB) of storage space. Ten gigabytes (10 GB) of MoveDigital delivery.

    Basic $10 – One gigabyte (1 GB) of storage for a full year. ten gigabytes (10 GB) of MoveDigital delivery. Each additional gigabyte of MoveDigital delivery will be $1.00.

    Standard $101 – Five gigabytes (5 GB) of storage space. One hundred gigabytes (100 GB) of ultra high speed MoveDigital delivery. Each additional gigabyte of MoveDigital delivery will be $0.79. Access to "Auto Publish" and "P2P SmartSeed" features.

    Plus $1010 – Ten gigabytes (10 GB) of storage space. One thousand gigabytes (1000 GB) of ultra high speed MoveDigital delivery. Each additional gigabyte of MoveDigital delivery will be $0.59. You and your audience will be able to add delivery gigabytes to your account.

    Premium $10100 – One hundred gigabytes (100 GB) of storage space with more available on reasonable terms by request. Ten thousand gigabytes (10000 GB) of ultra high speed MoveDigital delivery. Each additional gigabyte of MoveDigital delivery will be $0.39.

    MyPodcasts.net supports audio podcasting, video podcasting and Flash streaming. There are three pricing plans.

      • 25MB audio/video storage & 500MB of data transfer – Free 30 Day Trial
      • 500MB audio/video storage & unlimited transfer – $9.95 per month
      • 2GB audio/video storage & unlimited transfer – $19.95 per month

    OSCDN is an open content delivery network and file storage service. Direct Download Storage offers Unlimited Online Storage and Bandwidth for your files for about $6.95 a month whether you store 100MB or 200GB. Billed every 3, 6, and 12 months, it allows you to give a direct link to files you upload. NOTICE: We are Currently Unable to Offer this Service at this time (FEB 2006).

    Ourmedia.org provides free web hosting and online tools for all your media files forever. Created by volunteers, Ourmedia is an open-source project positioning itself as The Global Home for Grassroots media. It is partnered with Creative Commons, Wikipedia and the Internet Archive (see below) which provides hosting and bandwidth for the files. Drupal has agreed to host the site for free through its Bryght hosted service.

    To use the service you must be willing to share your works with a global audience. Most types of media files and content are welcome, including but not limited to; audio, ebooks, films, games, original music, photographs, screencasts, software and video.

    The ourmedia hosting service fully integrates community features like blogging and forums. The community also functions to facilitate learning about a range of communication techniques and the craft of digital creativity.

    Free membership lets you:

      • Publish your works for a global audience to see or hear
      • Get a free weblog
      • Post comments to any media page or blog on the site
      • Participate in the Forums
      • Learn more about how to create personal media
      • Socialize with other creative individuals

    The site design is well thought out and easy to navigate. For example selecting ‘browse media’ takes you to the site map. This is a simple list of topics with the RSS links alongside so you can get straight to the feed without having to click deeper. Here’s the main RSS feed from the home page.

    Pcastbaby provides hosting and transcoding of audio/visual media files to podcasting and streaming formats. Offers start with a free account of 50 MB storage (bandwidth unclear).

      • Basic Account $4.95 per month
        500 Mb of disc space and your own personalized URL for podcasting. 1 year subscription $49.50 (2 Months Free)
      • Standard Account $9.95 per month
        1000 Mb of disc space, your own personalized URL, a special FTP site for large file uploads and a dynamic Google Map of your podcast subscribers. 1 year subscription $99.50 (2 Months Free)

    Podblaze.com gives you your own podcasting website & domain for free. Your podcast station address would be (www.yourpodcastname.podblaze.com). Everything is automatically created for you and your audio/podcasting site has a streaming media player, RSS feed, own logo, show notes and links areas. Member sites have priority listing in the podcast directory.

      • Producer Standard: 200MB of storage + 2000MB of bandwidth
      • Producer Advanced: 500MB of storage + 5000MB of bandwidth
      • Corporate Basic: 1000MB of storage + 10000MB of bandwidth
      • Corporate Advanced: 1000MB of storage + 20000MB of bandwidth

    Podbus.com hosting prices start at $5 per month for 300 MB of storage space and 5 GB of monthly bandwidth. Account holders get a domain name on a shared server in the form ‘mypodcast.podbus.com’. Extended packages and pricing are available including website hosting.

    Podcast FM handles every aspect of podcasting in a one-stop hosting and syndication solution. Features include multiple podcast channels, an easy-to-use uploader, ID3 tag editing and play length calculation, the ability to add images to your channels, automatic tracking of downloads and subscriptions, HTML generation and buttons for your website. Users can also queue up podcasts to appear on specific dates when uploading them.

    All podcasts are listed in the Podcast FM directory which can be browsed or searched by visitors.

    There are three price plans based on how many podcasts you upload each month and the amount of storage space required. Bandwidth is free and unlimited.

    • Starter Plan
      20 MB per month upload
      200 Mb total storage space
      Up to 3 channels
      £4.95 per month
    • Blogger Plan
      80 MB per month upload
      800 Mb total storage space
      Up to 10 channels
      £9.95 per month
    • Broadcaster Plan
      2000 MB per month upload
      Unlimited total storage space
      Unlimited channels
      £39.95 per month

    Podcast Spot is a hosting service that offers a free account to test Podcast Spot and Storage or Professional accounts. Free and Professional accounts include all features, while Storage accounts are for podcasters running their own websites. Pricing is based on the amount of upload space required and bandwidth is unmetered.

      • A Free Account provides 25MB of storage per month.
      • A Storage Account costs: $5 for 100 MB storage per month; $10 for 300 MB; $20 for 650 MB; $40 for 1400 MB.
      • A Professional Account costs: $7 for 125 MB storage per month; $14 for 350 MB; $28 for 750 MB; $56 for 1600 MB.
      • Reserve Upload Quota costs: $5 for 100 MB additional storage with no time limits; $10 for 200 MB; $20 for 400 MB; $30 for 600 MB.

    Professional and Storage accounts are prepaid products. You can purchase 1 month, 3 months, 6 months, or 1 year at a time. You can upgrade or extend at any time.

    Features include:

      • Flexible Storage Space that can be upgraded
      • Unmetered Bandwidth
      • Automatic Media Conversion after upload
      • Audio formats supported include: AAC/M4A, MP3, OGG, RA, WMA.
      • Video formats supported include: AVI, MOV, M4V/MP4, MPG, RM/RV, WMV.
      • Easy Organization with tags, categories and images
      • Automatic P2P with BitTorrents for any format
      • Powerful Syndication for your episodes (your default feed), categories, tags, comments, episodes for each category, episodes for each tag, comments for each episode
      • Support for iTunes
      • Creative Commons license types
      • Simple Payment Options using PayPal
      • A Dedicated & Friendly Team.

    PodcastSPOTS is a free podcast creation and hosting solution that allows users to record podcasts, publish them, and possibly earn revenue. Podcasters insert third-party advertisements and podsafe music into their shows and get paid on a per-click basis, per-insert basis, or a variety of other methods. Provides software, a podsafe music vault and viral marketing distribution.

    Podkive provides a Podcast Management System (PMS) that allows you to create a website, archive any media file including mp3, ACC, mov, wma, etc and create a podcast feed (RSS feed) for your subscribers to download. There are five hosting packages available ranging from lightweight to serious heavyweight.

    Prices start at $10/month for 100mb storage space with unlimited monthly transfer (GB bandwidth).

    Podlot.com provides podcast hosting with unlimited bandwidth and prices based on maximum storage requirements.

    Prices start at:

    $4.00 a month for 150 megabytes of storage unlimited bandwidth.

    $6.00 a month for 300 megabytes of storage unlimited bandwidth.

    $20.00 a month for:

  • 1000 megabytes of storage
  • Unlimited bandwidth
  • Your Domain Hosted
  • Domain Registration Included
  • Host up to 20 additional domains
  • Unlimited email addresses with POP and IMAP access
  • Plesk7, CGI, PHP, Server Side Includes, Mod Perl, and Mod Python
  • Domain hosting add on at $2.00 a month.
    PodOmatic will host your podcast with up to 250mb of free space for MP3s and 7.5 GB monthly downloads. features include browser based audio and video recording tools, support for iTunes and other directory listing. There’s a podMail feature that lets users share audio files similar to an email service.

    PodServe is a free podcast application and audio file host that is part of the BIG in Japan Web 2.0 Toolkit. You can access all of the blogging and RSS tools via the one account. Creating podcasts with Podserve is extremely easy, simply enter some details about the podcast feed, upload the mp3 files and you’re done. You can choose to have the feed listed on Itunes, Odeo, Ipodder and Podcast.net. Hosted podcasts can also listed in the PodServe directory. Your podcast can be tagged with keywords and have a cover art image attached. You get 1GB of hard drive space to host your podcasts.

    When you create a podcast you have a choice of three podcast sharing options:

      • Standard Podcast: You will be the only person uploading shows, other users will only be able to subscribe and listen to your shows.
      • Social Podcast: This podcast will act as a community for you and other people who share an interest on the same subject.
      • Public Podcast: Anyone with a PodServe account will be able to apply to contribute to this podcast.

    The last two provide a moderation option for filtering content before publishing. You can have multiple podcast feeds hosted.

    Shockpod offers free and paid podcasting hosting. Free users have an uploading limit of 30mb per file with a total limit of 90mb maximum hosting space. Free hosting is provided by placing audio ads in the feed of the free users, giving their listeners the option to download the promotional ads. Paid users do not have any ads placed in their feed and obtain more features such as a blog, Shockpod email address, unlimited file size uploads with a maximum total hosting space of 750MB.

    Slapcast.com provides podcasting by phone or by upload. Price $4.95/month for 50 MB maximum for each uploaded MP3 file with unlimited bandwidth/subscriptions. By phone: 60 incoming minutes of voice messages. Additional voice minutes are 5 cents a minute. For now, individual messages are limited to 5 minutes maximum.

    StreamGuys offers a podcasting service with the following features:

      • FTP account for uploading your content
      • Scalable Podcast account
      • Easy publishing and listing of Podcasts using the StreamGuide
      • Support to publish your Podcast on your web site as an RSS feed
      • Support for video podcasting
    There’s a choice of three pricing models and the site provides an online form for quick price quotes.

    Switchpod.com offers free and premium hosting services. The free service is supported by ads which are not "in" the podcast stream. All ads are separate files which users download separately through the feed and do not interrupt their podcasts. When you create an account you get your own folder on their servers to store as much content as you would like. You can then upload all your podcasts. Podcasts can be in various audio formats and bandwidth is unmetered. If you don’t want ads an upgrade for $6 a month gets you a blog, ftp account, no file size upload limit, the ability to upload video, and email address.

    Other Podcasting Tools and Podcast Management Systems (PMS)

    Big Contact offers free tools to help you Find, Listen, Share, and Create Podcasts, MP3 Blogs, and Online Radio. Users can also add a streaming media player to their existing sites. The community is based around sharing music with Creative Commons licenses. It does not host the audio files directly.

    Apple iLife Support help for podcasting with GarageBand.

    Free online file storage/sending a list of around 50 services that are absolutely free and require no e-mail registration to use. Included in the list are file size limits, download limits and the amount of time the file remains on the server for download.

    Odeo (pronounced OH-dee-oh) makes podcasting accessible to everyone in a similar way blogging tools did for web publishing. The brain child of Pyra Labs Blogger co-founder Evan Williams and Audioblogger developer Noah Glass, Odeo makes it easy for you to discover, create, and subscribe to fresh, independent audio content.

    Podbazaar is an international one-stop shop for listeners, publishers and advertisers. It focuses largely on the interests and needs of South Asian audiences, worldwide. The podcast directory offers shows in many languages.

    Podcast publishers are invited to develop and host their podcasts partaking in a revenue share plan based on targetted advertisements integrated into the podcast content.

    "We provide content management, promotionand syndication for all our publishers. With our free basic account you can create and host your show, and leave the bandwidth and storage concerns to us."

    The contact page provides email addresses for further information.

    Podcast Maker X free software for Windows and Mac platforms that creates the XML file for the RSS feed. It allows you to open up a previously created XML file, and continue adding new PodCasts.

    Poderator creates an XML file online for you (no software installation required).

    PodProducer free podcasting software for Windows.

    PODSHOW.com will help you produce, post, distribute and market your PodShow.

    Videobloggers.org free video hosting and blog publishing service (beta).

    Social Bookmarking Tags & Podcasting

    Del.icio.us lets you tag online bookmarks by file type including media files (mp3, WAV, MOV, etc.). All delicious pages have a RSS feed and any with these system tags added will automatically become a rss-with-enclosures file. That means the RSS feeds are podcast enabled and can be downloaded or streamed using the appropriate software. Find out how to use podcast enabled tags.

    Play Tagger is a simple way to place an mp3 player in a webpage using javascript. The lightweight script allows you to stream your mp3 bookmarks directly from a small play button on the page using a Flash movie. Visitors can also easily tag and post the mp3 link to del.icio.us. (Javascript not allowed in MSN Spaces).
    This following code is added to your site template between the <head> and </head> tags:
    <script type="text/javascript" src="http://del.icio.us/js/playtagger"></script&gt;
    Now any links in the page to mp3 files will automatically have play buttons for streaming the audio.
    ie <a href="URL of MP3 file">Link text</a>

    More Podcasting Info on DISS

    The "lists" link at the top of this page provides categorized links to useful sound and digital media resources including Media Distribution. You can read more of my podcast posts by selecting the podcasting category from the homepage (right sidebar). The rest of the site features audio related news and music resources. If you would like to recommend a podcast hosting service please post the relevant information as a comment or email to: daveholmesprojects (at) gmail.com.

    Technorati Tags: Use these links to explore tagged blog posts.

    podcast hosting audio playlists podcasts podcasting freeware DJ MP3 music broadcast multimedia radio recording software sound

    TagJag Meta-Search: Use these links to discover relevant news and information.

    Recommended Books for further information and help with podcasting.

    Ourmedia.org Free Hosting For Content Creators.

    Sometime early in 2005 (January) the doors to a new content portal will open. Ourmedia.org will begin free hosting for anyone wishing to publicly share their own legal content creations. Ourmedia will provide access to a growing media archive including video and audio. This is welcome news for podcasters and video bloggers currently finding it hard to find free hosting and bandwidth for their creations.

    Ourmedia.org will work in partnership with Internet Archive, Tucows, Drupal, Socialtext and Creative Commons. You can learn more about the ourmedia project at:


    Thanks to Jay Dedman of http://www.momentshowing.net. His insight and enthusiasm for videoblogging is inspiring.

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