ccMixter Adds Dynamic Audio Playlists

The state of online music remixing and Open Music distribution took a significant step forward recently with the release of ccMixter’s new audio Playlist feature at A community-driven playlist tool for sharing Creative Commons sound samples and music.


The application combines several key areas for creators that make it easy to find, share and promote legal audio and music works:

Collaboration – It’s about connectivity, creativity, distribution and interaction. Social media at the heart of Web 2.0Web4

Creative Commons Licenses – Open, flexible, copyright options designed to foster freedom of ideas. Ranging from some rights reserved to public domain.

RSS Feeds and Social Syndication – Preview and create dynamic audio playlists – grab RSS feeds for your web-mashups, podcasts and social networking websites.

Killer Features

There are currently four tabbed views for managing Playlists:

Hot PlaylistsCreatePopular RemixesNew

Multiple playlists can be opened simultaneously in the ‘Hot’ and ‘New’ browse modes.

Create Dynamic Playlists

In the ‘Create’ view you can quickly make customized, automatically updating playlists using the simple online interface. There’s a choice of parameters to choose from that allow you to locate and filter media files for fine-tuning the list.

These include: Playlist Types, Artists (users), Tags, License Type, Ratings, Time Period and more.

Free Registration

Registered users can save and share their playlists including individual list items such as songs and samples. Full integration between community lists make it a breeze to add media items from one list to another with a single mouse click.

New playlists can be created on the fly instantaneously, for example when browsing and listening to audio, in a seamless listening environment. Each list you create is automatically added to your community profile area.

RSS feeds are generated for all your playlists. You can also edit important elements in your list such as dynamic parameters, the order of list items, tags, playlist title and description.

Simple html formatting is allowed in the description so you can include links to websites, contact information or the location of a web page widget that uses the playlist feed.

The ability to dynamically create playlists/podcast feeds by licence type, combined tags and other key factors makes it easy to create hybrid audio channels including sound sample based feeds as well as music playlists.

For example here’s a dynamic RSS feed for a capella melodies based on user ratings:

Click on this icon to view and listen to the feed in a Grazr widget Open Grazr

There are also filtering options for Popular Remixes, which shows the audio media most frequently included in playlists.

Further details and upcoming features can be found at How to use PLAYLISTS

CC Music 2.0 Fueling Web 2.0

Make no mistake, ccMixter is the complete package. No other remix site commands the same level of respect amongst musicians, producers and content creators.

The tight social networking fabric combined with a philosophy of open media creation provides a truly creative environment for users of all levels and musical styles. In this community everyone works together; sharing, rating, reviewing, mixing, promoting, distributing, learning – Forums

ccMixter playlists utilize the power of citizen DJ distribution, contributing to the growing culture of shared media networks and social tribes.

Artists, bloggers, filmmakers, listeners, and podcasters can all interact to create collaborative resources and original compositions. Anyone can use these compositions to build new, derivative works, be they music, video or other media forms like web-mashups, in accordance with the licensing terms.

Widgets, Pipes and Tubes are the plumbing through which these rich media creations can flow using URLs and RSS feeds.

These intelligent crowdsourcing activities are becoming increasingly prevalent as the need for media filtering and recommendation prevails. Musically and culturally speaking, DJs have always provided the editorial factor so important to informing the wider music community. Todays web DJs are restricted only by the technologies they use and their knowledge of Social Media. To learn more about this topic read the online ebook What is Social Media?

Given the emergence of social mediaspheres and widgetized connective tools, now anyone can be part Data Jockey – Data Carrier.

Widget Action: Take a look at some of the ways ccMixter and CC music are connecting in the Web 2.0 world.

How to create personalized ringtones using ccMixter

Web 2.0 in Five Minutes

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