Portable Playlist Beta – Web-Based Audio Player

Portable Playlist is a free web-based application for streaming mp3 audio files via the browser on any computer with internet access. The website interface incorporates a selection of tools that help you to manage files found in various locations across the web.You can store URLs to offsite mp3 files, subscribe to podcasts, create and edit playlists or find media files using the inbuilt Blogdigger search. No audio files are hosted at the website.
  • Easy to use, uncomplicated interface.
  • Add and save links to audio files already available online.
  • Quickly dump mp3 links found using Blogdigger search into playlists.
  • Subscribe to podcast feeds.
  • Create combined playlists from RSS feeds and mp3 files found elsewhere.
  • No software to install.
  • Generates RSS feeds for user playlists (See Below).
  • Cross platform access via popular internet browsers.

Your account also generates three ‘regular’ RSS feeds (minus audio enclosures) for your playlists:

  1. My Portable Playlist
    This feed is a complete list of all your playlists and tracks, including podcasts.
  2. Selected Playlist
    This feed contains all the tracks in the currently selected playlist.
  3. Now Playing
    This feed contains the track that you are currently playing.

Development of Portable Playlist beta is currently being documented via the blog, where you can catch up with the latest info, thoughts and feature requests.

5 responses to “Portable Playlist Beta – Web-Based Audio Player

  1. Hi !~~~
    I from China .
    Your msn spaces is so Personality , i like !
    I hope make friend with you !
    Sorry,my english is not good ^_^.

  2. This may sound so simple.  I am humbled in the presence of so much knowledge.
    I have been reading the information you have here, but it’s kinda like reading a college level document when you’re in 4th grade.  I mean, you can read the words, but without comprehension.
    Podcasting, RSS feeds, etc.  I’m lost.
    Now, I learn pretty fast, I can say that I’m an intelligent person, I’ve built websites and even enjoy using html, but do you have any information sources where I can begin to learn about Podcasting and RSS feeds.  I just don’t know what they are and need to begin from a REAL basic level.  I don’t even know what the words RSS and Pod mean!
    I am doing all this, just so that I can get music on my msn space.  So far, all the free url upload sites have let me down in one way or another.  I’ve tried so many, and they each have their own limitations and glitches.  Is there a good free audio url?  One that actually is reliable?  I’ve tried streamload, yourtube, esnips, filelodge, and so many others, with no success.
    Is there a way to safely allow access to certain files directly off my hard drive, in effect using it as a server?  Would I need to open a url for this?
    Your help would be greatly appreciated.  I love music (it has been my life – studying piano from the age of 3, etc, etc) and my site just seems so "not me" without it.
    Thanks in advance 🙂

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