Planet Boelex – Misplaced EP

Planet Boelex is an electronic music project originating from Finland. The latest release titled "Misplaced" is a four track EP released on the Monotonik netlabel. 

Fluid soundscapes emerge from the interplay of pulsating programmed percussion and delicate unfolding synth melodies that echo rhythmically to form an intricate mesh of sonic textures. These subtle cocoon like structures enclose guest vocal and guitar performances by Valentina Gualtieri and Travis Nobles. The effect produces a warm, dreamy sensation as you enter a timeless world rich with the dance of pure synth tones, acoustic instruments and complex musical patterns. Planet Boelex welcomes you, enjoy your return.


Misplaced EP Tracklisting:

Only slightly distant
Diciassette anni
Last stone

Streaming audio and free downloads available at the Internet Archive.  Style: ambient, idm.


The Official Planet Boelex Website for the latest info and downloads of all release cycles.

Planet Boelex MySpace

Momotonik MySpace

All music by Planet Boelex and artists on the Monotonik label are released under Creative Commons licenses.


Chillout Music

Winamp Radio Ambient – a selection of downtempo Internet radio stations.

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Cover art by Travis Nobles  

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